Baransel Arslan

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Hi, my name's Baransel a highly-skilled and motivated full-stack developer with 7+ years of experience. I have experience making software & web/mobile apps with ability to learn and collaborate in rapidly changing enviroments and compositions. Proficient in developing databases, creating user interfaces, writing and testing code, deploying to the cloud, troubleshooting simple/complex issues. Eager to tackle any web/mobile development and design challanges to achieve lasting impacts on user experience. I have worked at a numerous startups as well as big companies gaining teamwork and leadership skills.



PHP, Symfony, Python, Typescript


Materialize, Bootstrap, Tailwind, React, Angular


Flutter, Swift, Java


Mongo, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch


NGINX, Docker, GIT, Bash, AWS

Misc., Crawlers, Automation, Server Management



Linux, Crawlers, Bots, Network


Tech, Music, Gaming, Cars
  1. Experiences

    Sr. Full-Stack Developer @ Gameloft

    Today - Jun. 2022
  2. Full-Stack Developer @ Mobsoft

    May. 2022 - Oct. 2017
  3. Education

    Computer Science
    Romanian-American University

    2022 - 2019


Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Gameloft | 2022 - Today

During my time at Gameloft, I’ve worked as a full-stack developer on a variety of projects. I’ve used backend technologies like PHP, Symfony, and JavaScript to build strong and efficient server-side systems. On the frontend, I’ve worked with React, Angular, and MaterialUI to create user-friendly interfaces. I’ve also used Amazon RDS for database management, ensuring our applications run smoothly. My skills in DevOps tools like NGINX, Docker, Git, Bash, and AWS have helped me manage and maintain our software systems effectively, keeping them stable and reliable. I’m proud to be part of Gameloft and look forward to continuing to contribute with my technical skills and experience.

Full-Stack Developer

Mobsoft | 2017 - 2022

During my 5 years at Mobsoft, I worked as a full-stack software developer, gaining experience with a variety of technologies to build scalable software solutions for clients. On the backend, I used PHP, Symfony, Python, and JavaScript to create strong and efficient server-side applications. For the frontend, I worked with Materialize, Bootstrap, Tailwind, React, and Angular to develop engaging and user-friendly interfaces. I also developed mobile apps using Flutter, Swift, and Java. My work with databases like Mongo, MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch helped me create effective data storage and retrieval systems. Additionally, I used DevOps tools like NGINX, Docker, Git, Bash, and AWS to manage and maintain large-scale software systems efficiently. My experience includes working with, building crawlers, automation, and server management, equipping me to handle modern software development challenges.


Romanian-American University

Computer Science | 2019 - 2022

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science for Economics from the Romanian-American University, which enhanced my understanding of the field. Despite having 4 years of software development experience before my studies, the university provided a thorough and well-rounded education. The curriculum covered both theoretical concepts and practical skills, reinforcing my knowledge in programming, data structures, algorithms, and database management. Additionally, the exposure to various modern technologies and programming languages equipped me with the technical skills needed to thrive in the fast-changing tech industry. The coursework helped me develop the ability to analyze complex problems and design efficient solutions, making me well-prepared for a career in this field.