All commands run in Linux are archived in a file and you can see these commands with the history command when you need it.

The History archive is also stored in a file that you can modify. Bash shell users can find their history in the .bash_history file in their home directory (cd ~).

The file where the archive will be kept is kept in the $HISTFILE variable. If desired, this variable can be edited from the .bash_profile and printed to a different folder.

export HISTFILE=~/.custom_file

How many rows of archive records will be kept is stored in the $HISTSIZE and $HISTFILESIZE variables and the default values ​​are 1000.

Below is the variable that must be added to the .bash_profile in order to print the date and time the commands were run.

export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T - "

To display the entire archive on the screen;