What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework developed by Google. It is used to develop applications on cross-platform. So our application we wrote with Flutter; web and performs on both ios and android devices. In other words, we can have an application that can run on many platforms with a single code. In this way, we can save both cost and time. Google first used Flutter when developing the Fuschia operating system.

Flutter doesn’t work with any development tools, but includes editor plugins for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ/Android Studio. It is also open source. You can review their code on GitHub, and you can contribute by adding code.

Why Flutter?

To talk about the features of Flutter, we can take a look at their website and get help from there. Flutter is known for being developer-friendly, one of its most popular features. Thanks to the many conveniences it provides, it allows for more comfortable code writing.

First, I would like to emphasize the fast turnaround feature. With the Stateful Hot Reload feature, we can instantly see the changes we make while developing applications with Flutter. That is, we do not need to restart our application after the changes we make, it allows us to see the results immediately without losing its state. Thus, we can get results faster and make changes.

Of course, the first thing that attracts the attention of users is the interface design. The more beautiful the design, the more interest it arouses. Flutter has proven itself in this crucial issue. We can achieve faster and more beautiful applications with impressive and beautiful user interfaces. Flutter’s layered architecture gives us control over every pixel on the screen, and its powerful compositing features allow us to overlay and animate graphics, video, text, and controls without limiting them.

Developing a cross-platform app requires a lot of thinking. Often their designs may not overlap, their performance may not be the same. For these types of problems, Flutter includes all critical platform differences. In this way, its performance is high on all devices.

What is Dart?

While Flutter is passing as a framework; we use Dart as the programming language in the application. Similar to C, C#, Java and JavaScript languages, Dart is an object-oriented programming language. Using Dart; We are able to develop web servers, web applications, native mobile applications and IoT. To learn more about Dart, you can check out Dart on their website. Likewise, you can experiment by writing code with Dart on the website, this provides an opportunity.